Clever Junior Scholars

  • Hello everyone. My name is Nguyen Quoc Phu, student at Clever Kids 2. Studying at Clever Junior - Noi Bai Campus helps me improve my speaking skills alot. Now I am confident to speak English and pass all the exam easily. I love Clever Junior!

    Nguyen Quoc Phu
    Clever Junior - Noi Bai Campus
    112/115 TOEFL Primary
  • Hi! I am Hoang Linh and I am 8 years old. I have studied with friends at Clever Junior - Dinh Cong Campus for almost 2 years. I learned and played many fun games. New lessons are easy to remember! I wish studying at school was as fun as studying at Clever Junior! 

    Hoang Linh
    Clever Junior - Dinh Cong Campus
    98/100 at the Cambridge YLE: Movers Exam
  • My name is Quang Minh and I am 7 years old. I have been studying at Clever Junior for 1 years. My classroom is very nice and my teachers are super friendly with their exciting lessons. I hope that I can speak English fluently to travel around the world. 

    Nguyen Quang Minh
    Clever Junior Noi Bai
    90% Score at all English Exam and high score in Cambridge Exam.

“100% students at Clever Junior have achieved International English Language Certificate with high scores”

Teacher & Parent Testimonials

  • At Clever Junior, we strive to flexibly design our lessons to ensure that our students absorb new knowledge quickly and effectively. Children are encouraged to develop English skills completely.

    Mr. Florian
  • Cooperating with Clever Junior for over a half year gives me the opportunity to discover many new and exciting things, not just in work but also in culture and people. The kids at Clever Junior are lovely and hardworking. Looking at their achievements, I feel very happy.

    Mr. Dan

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