The Clever Kinder course help students approach English early helps children in Kindergarten age (3-6 years old) interact and pronounce English fluently and correctly like a native English speaker. Clever Junior provides many courses which match their level and age that help children spell, pronounce 100% in English in simple daily situations.

Teaching Quality Assurance

We are proud with our excellent teaching quality in all of our offerings. All of our courses are designed to meet the learning outcomes in accordance with our internal quality assurance policy.



Teaching Methods

English teaching method for children through art, music and extracurricular activities. Most lessons are supported by Interactive Whiteboard system.


Hide and Seek by Cengage

Course Objectives 

The course will help children get to know with some characters like Billy, Molly and Kenny the Cat. Beside, the course also helps children develop completely listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through art, music and activities. The course focuses on ensuring the simple and slow development of children with English skills.


Native Teachers and Vietnamese Teaching Assistants


Cutting-edge Campus Facilities

Cutting-edge Campus Facilities help teachers and students have a chance to experience in best learning environment.

Parent Testimonials

  • Studying with foreign teachers, as well as in a professional English environment, my child does not only pronounce accurately, but he also communicate more confident. Additionally, through games and extracurricular activities, he has chance to develop knowledge of history and culture.

    Ms. Nhung - 35 years old
  • Bao An has been studying at Clever Junior - Noi Bai campus for 3 months. Every week he looks forward to Tuesday and Thursday to go to class and meet teachers and speak English with friends. Thanks teachers at Clever Junior so much.

    Mr. Thu - 37 years old
  • I'm very surprised with my child's ability to reflect her English only after a course at Clever Junior. She, from a very shy child, afraid to communicate in front of the crowd, now becomes much more confident.

    Ms. Thuong - 33 years old

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Why study at Clever Junior?


Recognized educational organization in Vietnam and the world

Clever Junior® is operated by Clever Academy - the standardized test preparation course provider that exclusively partnered with Kaplan Test Prep International in Vietnam. We have more than 3 years of experiences in the Vietnamese market and over 50 years all over the world with different business fields in English language training.


Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Native experienced teachers recruited from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Philippines with international English teaching certifications. In addition, all teachers are experts in English training, graduated from internationally recognized colleges and universities around the world. Our teachers are always dedicated to teach effortlessly.


Top-Notch Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Curriculum and Teaching Methods at Clever Junior follow the standards of world's leading education, as well as being compatible, highly integrated with the national curriculum of Vietnam, with a high level of localization exclusively for Vietnamese students, as well as enriching learning materials for students throughout their studies at Clever Junior.


Extracurricular Activities

Along with teaching activities, Clever Junior students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities. The chain of activities are taken place both in and out of the school, not only helps children develop their capacity and creativity, but also helps increasing their English ability.


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