Enjoy & Experience Summer Camp - Cao Bang Campus

A 2D1N summer camp designed by our Cao Bang Campus, including topic-based English studies, team-building activities, a special pool party & BBQ party at the end of the camp.

Event Pictures:

Are you ready to be firefighters in 1 day?! There will be a lot of energy required to become dauntless, robust firefighters!

The journey is exciting from the beginning!

SEEDING EXPERIENCES - Be a gardener/farmer by growing green sprouts like this!

OUR LITTLE WONDERFUL SWIMMERS - "Healthy body - Healthy mind", after hours of thriving activities, let's swim and play watersports to strengthen each camper's body & mind, as well as improving teamwork skills, and even more friendship!

SCIENCE SQUAD IS HERE! Let's have fun with little Clever Junior scientists!

Finally - the BBQ Party - Holding hands around the campfire and chanting: Our friendship became even more intimate. Let's go together on the journey to conquer English with Clever Junior - Cao Bang Campus.

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  • Day 1 - “WE ARE FARMERS”

Time & Date:

  • Starts: 08h00, Monday, July 27, 2020
  • Ends: 17h00, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Participation Fee: 595.000 VND/participant


For more details, please contact:

Clever Junior - Cao Bang Campus: 

Address: No. 6, Group 14 (Opp. Co Khi Entrance), Song Hien Ward, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province

National Toll-free Hotline: 1800.2094 - Campus Hotline: 0206.730.3399

Email: [email protected] - Website: www.CleverJunior.vn 

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